The ECWA Board has fifteen (15) elected and appointed members

Elected Positions

1. Chairperson
2. Co-Chairperson
3. Recording Secretary
4. Two (2) – Area Representatives per area for a total of six (6) area representatives

A stakeholder is eligible to hold an area representative seat for the geographic area in which they have stakeholder status

Appointed Positions

1. Four (4) At-Large Representatives
2. Corresponding Secretary
3. Treasurer

ECWANDC strives for stakeholder diversity when selecting board members. We encourage broad stakeholder representation, including but not limited to the following priority criteria:

  • Youth representative – any stakeholder between the age 16-24 at the time of the election or appointment
  • Small Business – any business owner or employee of a business within the boundaries with less than 10 employees
  • Ethnic diversity representing the various ethnic and racial populations within the area
  • Community-Based Service Organization – any stakeholder who is an employee or board member of a community based 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides services within the ECWANDC boundaries
  • Faith-Based Organization – any stakeholder who is an affirmed member of a faith-based organization in the ECWANDC boundaries
  • Public school – any stakeholder who is an employee or parent representative of a school within the ECWANDC boundaries

Terms and Limits

  • Board members serve for two (2) years

Current Board Members

Gina Fields, Chair

Denise Stansell, Co-chair

Vacant, Recording Secretary

Edmond Warren, Treasurer

Kathy Guyton, Corresponding Secretary

Mary Jones-Darks, Area 1 Representative

Isaiah Madison, Area 1 Representative

Jackie Ryan, Area 2 Representative

A Kouture, Area 2 Representative

Jamal Jones, Area 3 Representative

Diane Robertson, Area 3 Representative

Jason Lombard, At-Large Representative

Johnnie Raines, III, At-Large Representative

Misty Wilks, At-Large Representative

Tracey Brown, At-Large Representative

SLAANC Representative

Romerol Malveaux

Budget Representative

KJ Clark