A Neighborhood Purposes Grant (NPG) must provide a demonstrable benefit to the community. An NPG activity should build community, enhance the neighborhood, and be open, accessible, and free to the general public. Projects may encompass a wide range and can include, but are not limited to:

  • The Arts
  • Beautification
  • Community Support
  • Education
  • Community Improvements

The Office of the City Clerk, Neighborhood Council Funding Program has the final discretion to determine whether or not the proposed project can be funded per applicable City standards

A project may be submitted that is part of a larger project, but if so, consider carefully whether it can be completed independently of the larger project and regardless of whether other funding needs to be secured.


  • The budget is realistic and supported by documentation
  • The organization or individual is capable of completing the project
  • The work plan is detailed, specific, and feasible
  • The project is supported by the community
  • The number of stakeholders that will benefit from this project
  • The project implementation process will build community
  • The complete project will enhance the community


  • Credibility. Does your organization know what it wants to accomplish? What evidence proves that the organization is currently achieving its goals? What kind of reputation does the group enjoy within the community and beyond?


  • Capability. What skills does the organization’s staff and/or board bring to the project? Are they relevant to the project’s aims?  Has your organization succeeded in similar endeavors of equal size and scale to what you are now proposing?


  • Feasibility. The Neighborhood Council must determine whether the proposal is advancing a worthwhile project built upon a good idea that can be successfully implemented. Is the budget allocated sufficiently to execute the various tasks and strategies described in the proposal?


  • Importance. Should it be done? Is the project significant? Is there evidence that the proposal will trigger action or work that the community wants? Will it make a difference in the community it purports to aid or resolve the issue it addresses?


Conflict of Interest Laws Apply

The State and local conflict of interest laws that currently apply to the Neighborhood Council Funding Program also apply in the consideration of Neighborhood Purposes Grant requests.


Application Process

PLEASE NOTE: Your application must be submitted at least 90 days before your event or we may not be able to provide funding.

The following is required from all organizations/entities seeking an NPG form a Neighborhood Council:

    • NPG Application completed and signed
    • Project Budget on a separate sheet if the space provided in the application form is not sufficient


  Non-Profits 501(c)(3)

  • Must submit your IRS Letter of Determination along with your application and budget

  Public Schools

  • Must submit a letter of approval signed by the school principal on official school letterhead


Project Completion Follow Up

Applicants are requested to provide a Project Completion Report (available online) at the conclusion of the proposed project funded by the grant.


Apply Now!

If you meet the criteria as explained above, download and complete the NPG application below and submit it to the finance committee at finance@ecwandc.org

If you have any questions, please contact your Area Representative. Contact information for all board members is located on the “About ECWA/Board” webpage on this website.


Neighborhood Purpose Grant – Instructions

Neighborhood Purpose Grant – Application